A Las Vegas Escorts Temptation Like No Other

Travis and Angela are a couple that has been happily married and living together for over 5 years. Their life is great, they both graduated from college and make a healthy living. Money has never been an issue for them, so they just went on their normal lives throughout all of that time, engaging in sexual activity as much as their hearts desired. However, as of the last few weeks, they felt as if they did not enjoy having sex as much as they did when they first hooked up during their college days. This proved to be quite the issue, as it completely ruined their moods, they simply could not pleasure themselves anymore. Angela took up to the internet to try and find a guide that might resolve this issue they are having, and after reading some suggestions she decided that they needed something new, something different.

The Decision of a Lifetime

After having a long discussion, Travis and Angela decided to buy some toys to try out, however, this did not do the trick for them. Then Travis threw an idea at the wall to see if it would stick and asked Angela if she would be interested in sharing the experience with someone else, with a third person for example. Angela exercises the thought about the idea and decided that she would be willing to accept it, if the other person was a woman, and if she was attractive enough. Then Travis talked to her about how he heard that las vegas female escorts had some of the best women in the world and that he always wanted to visit the place.

The Female Escorts Experience

As Travis and Angela arrived in Las Vegas, at first they were having some doubts. They checked in at a hotel, but almost instantly left to go somewhere and have a few drinks before deciding if they should actually go along with the idea or not. They visited a casino and had a lot of fun gambling and meeting new people, one of Angela’s favorite games was the slots game, and she just got too addicted to it for her own good. It was going great, they had left their casual lives to do something unique, something fun, something interesting. They were better people than they were yesterday, their life had taken the turn for adventure, and they were really appreciating it at the moment. It awakened in their minds, this idea that, maybe they were taking life way too seriously, and that they need something like this to bring a new dimension to their world. They danced, kissed, and made an amazing memory together. Filled with joy, and slightly drunk, they decided to go back to the hotel. When they got back at their hotel, they placed their bags and called the female escorts service to deliver one to their room.The waiting process was truly anxiety-inducing. They did not know what to expect, as neither of them had done this before, It was exciting in a way, but also as scary, what if they were getting duped, what if a man came instead of a woman, what would happen? However, Angela soon realized that she specifically called the las vegas escorts service, so that mistake could not possibly happen. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the doorbell rang.  They both stared at the door like it was the first door they had ever seen in their life. As they looked at each other, without speaking a word, they were communicating, they both agreed that this was it, this was the moment they were waiting for, and that they are completely ready to go along with this idea. Travis decided to be the one that would open the door and he slowly started approaching it. As he slowly rotated the doorknob to open the door, he noticed a smell. A smell of perfume so powerful and mesmerizing, that he just had to close his eyes and appreciate it for a few seconds before completely opening the door. Once the door was completely open, they were greeted by one of the most beautiful human beings they had ever seen. A brunette woman slowly entered the room and stared at them with a furious glance Just by looking, you would realize that she had a fire in her eyes, that she was ready for anything, she was slightly taller than Angela and featured an extremely fit body, her dress was black and sparkling, like a diamond, and she had some of the shiniest earrings they had ever seen. She completely took over the room, as the main attraction.

They felt as if her presence sent a shockwave down their spines. She had a sharp face, with a small nose and a beautiful mouth with red lipstick. “Shall we begin?” she asked Travis and Angela, as their jaws dropped to the floor. This was it, this was just what they needed, their life had completely changed at that very moment, they knew that this is what their life was lacking all this time. A risky move for any couple, especially a married one, visiting Las Vegas like that. However, in the end, it paid off for them, they were happy again, they experienced pleasure again, the appreciated themselves more, and they would never forget this moment.